SAJ-R6-25KW Grid Tied Inverter 3MPPT 3 Phase

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Industrial and Commercial three phase PV grid-connected inverters are mainly used in commercial rooftop PV grid system, to turn PV DC current into AC current for equipment in factories or sell to power grid. Suntrio Plus 25-60K is characterized with high efficiency, convenience in installing, stable and reliable. It’s preferred inverter for commercial PV investment.


Brand SAJ
Product Code ST-25
Warranty 5 Years
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SAJ-R6-25KW Grid Tied Inverter 3MPPT 3 Phase

The SAJ-R6-25KW is an on-grid three phase type inverter. This DC to AC inverter comes with a 5 years warranty. The working technology is smart as it has built-in independent RTC chip which supports data storage of about 25 years. The solar inverter model is safe, reliable as it comes with a surge protection system which guarantees system safety. Likewise, it has an anti-PID module that protects the solar panels from PID damage.

Working Efficiency

The output (AC) has the various ranges of voltages which are;

  • It has rated AC power of 25000 VA – max AC power is 27500 VA.
  • The rated AC current is 37.9 A, on the max level it is 42.0 A.
  • It gives the grid frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.
  • The nominal AC voltage it comes with ranges between 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V.

Coming up to the input (DC) ranges;

  • The max DC power is 30000 watts – max DC voltage is 1000 volts.
  • It provides 180 to 900 volts MPPT voltage range.
  • The nominal DC voltage is 600 volts – start voltage is 200 volts and min DC voltage is about 180 volts.
  • There are 3 numbers of MPPT this PV inverter provides.

This solar panel inverter has the maximum efficiency capacity of 98.6% – the euro efficiency at 600VDC is 98.4%.

Protective Features

This inverter for solar systems comes with an AC short circuit protection system which will cut off the power automatically if any short circuit takes place. It gives thermal and internal over-voltage protection to the solar panel system which allows balance in the current voltage ranges.

Environment Suitability

This inverter works in a suitable temperature range from -25 to +60 degrees Celsius, with the humidity of 0 to 100%. The working altitude is about 3000 m which is less than 2000 m plus it is power derating. It comes with an intelligent fan cooling method which prevents overheating.

This inverter dimensions are 700 x 530 x 260 mm with a net weight of 48 kg. The specifications of this solar inverter include a 3.5-inch graphic LCD display which shows data in English language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar inverters store power?

The inverters are basically known as power adapters, so they cannot store power in them. The solar inverters main work is to convert the DC power into AC power – also changes the voltage during this process.

How many batteries do I need for a 5kW solar system?

Total 2 batteries of 12 volts are needed for a 5kW inverter which will have an input requirement of 24v DC. There are some models of inverter which come in a 48V DC system, that require four 12 volt batteries.

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panel systems do not really need maintenance in their lifetime and they can work for about 25 to 28 years or more. If something wrong happens to the parts of the inverter then they have a warranty through which you can replace the parts without spending money on it.

Dimensions 5 × 500 × 1200 cm

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