Growatt 10kw MOD 10~15KTL3-X


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· Max. efficiency 98.6%
 · OLED and Touch button
· Type II SPD on DC and AC side
· String Monitoring
· AFCI optional
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GROWATT NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD A: No.28 Guangming Road, Longteng Community, Shiyan, Baoan District, Shenzhen, P.R.China.E:
T: + 86 755 2747 1900 F: + 86 755 2749 1460


MAX. efficiency European efficiency



Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) 15000W 16500W 18000W 19500W 22500W


* The AC voltage range and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid standard.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


14kg 14kg 16kg


CE, VDE0126, Greece, EN50549, C10/C11, UTE C 15-712, IEC62116, IEC61727, IEC 60068, IEC 61683, CEI0-21, N4105, TOR Erzeuger G98/G99, G100, AS4777, UNE217001, UNE206007, PO12.2


No. of PV strings per MPP tracker Max. input current per MPP trackerMax. DC voltage Start voltage Nominal voltageMPPT voltage range No. of MPP trackers 1 13A 16A 1 13A 2/1 26/13 32/16 1100V200V580V140V-1000V2 2/1 26/13 32/16 2/126/1332/16

Max. short-circuit current


per MPP tracker 16A


Max. AC apparent power


Max. output current
18.3A 21.7A 25A 16.7A
20A 12000W 13200VA 10000W 11000W 12100VA 13000W 1430 15000W


Dimensions 5 × 500 × 1200 cm
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