JA Solar 550w Panel Mono PERC


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Brand JA
Number Of Cells 144(6×24)
Solar Panel Type Mono PERC
Module Efficiency 21.50%
Cell Size 210 mm
Wattage 550 W
Connector Genuine MC4-EVO2 QC 4.10-35/45
Junction Box IP68 – 3 diodes
Power Tolerance 0-+5W
Weight 28.50 Kg
Length 89.7in (2,279mm)
Width 44.6in (1,134mm)
Depth 1.4in (35mm)
Warranty 12-Year Product Warranty, 26-Year inear Power Output Warranty
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The JA solar 550w panel Moni PERC is a high-performance photovoltaic module, which is skillfully capturing solar energy efficiently. Equipped with 144 individual solar cells arranged in a 6×24 configuration, this panel actively utilizes Mono PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, renowned for its advanced features that enhance energy conversion. With a module efficiency rating of 21.50%. Especially, this panel is particularly efficient at converting sunlight into electricity.

Each solar cell measures 210 mm, and the panel delivers an impressive 550 watts of power. The Genuine MC4-EVO2 QC 4.10-35/45 connector ensures secure and reliable electrical connections. The IP68-rated junction box on the panel features three diodes, actively ensuring robust protection against environmental factors.

In terms of dimensions, the panel is 89.7 inches (2,279 mm) in length, 44.6 inches (1,134 mm) in width, and has a slim depth of just 1.4 inches (35 mm). Designed for both power and is relatively lightweight. So it has a prominent weight of 28.50 kg. The power tolerance range of 0 to +5W means that its actual power output may slightly exceed its rated 550W under optimal conditions.

Electrically, the panel has a maximum power voltage of 41.96 volts and generates a short-circuit current of 14.00 amps. This combination of high voltage and current output makes it a valuable component for solar power systems.

As for pricing, the JA Solar 550w Panel Mono PERC price in Pakistan is 46,500. Making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in a high-capacity solar module with excellent efficiency and performance characteristics. Get more JA solar panels here.

Download JA Solar 550w Panel Mono PERC Datasheet

Dimensions 5 × 200 × 1200 cm
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